431: Artifacts!

Because really, I haven't done much with this section of the class, and I should remedy that.  And I forgot to Google a grammar quiz--instead, with the reading we did circling through my head, I grabbed Strunk & White's "The Elements of Style" off my bookshelf.  I had originally gotten it for a class, and… Continue reading 431: Artifacts!


Some potentially relevant links

I'm just putting these here because they made me think, especially as regarding literacy and who gets to do what and in what context.  Some of the quotes that stood out: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/feb/20/i-only-read-non-white-authors-for-12-months-what-i-learned-surprised-me "Part of the lesson for me there was that “ethnic” writers don’t just write “ethnic” books about “ethnic” things. As Ben Okri argues,… Continue reading Some potentially relevant links

New London Group Multiliteracies

"Access to wealth, power and symbols must be possible no matter what one's identity markers--such as language, dialect, and register--happen to be" (69).    This is pretty much everything I ever want to say.  I've been thinking for a while that to make that "literacy is power" metaphor work on an equitable level would require more… Continue reading New London Group Multiliteracies

Scribner, Scribner & Cole, Scribner everywhere….

(My thoughts are pretty scattered in this post, and the fact that I can't highlight on the PDF doesn't help--I need my highlighting to function, apparently.) I have to wonder how much literacy studies--and by that I mean studies done within the field, not necessarily the field itself--as well as our ideas of literacy relate… Continue reading Scribner, Scribner & Cole, Scribner everywhere….

Bakersfield is “Least Literate City” in 2013

http://www.turnto23.com/news/local-news/bakersfield-is-least-literate-city-in-2013-022314 So this is cheating a little bit, since it's from a little over a year ago, but this also smarts because this is my hometown.  (Oh, Bakersfield, Bakersfield, Bakersfield.)  The study, FYI, was counting the number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing, Internet resources, newspaper circulation, and educational attainment (which sounds a lot like… Continue reading Bakersfield is “Least Literate City” in 2013

Graff & Gates & more of that literacy power narrative

Seriously, is it me, or is the whole "literacy=power" thing all over our current readings?  Because it totally is. Gates' essay is pretty much a prime example--or a series of prime examples--of a society using the tool of literacy in a negative way.  We still do this to a certain extent, even if it is… Continue reading Graff & Gates & more of that literacy power narrative

Ong and Collins & Blot and the oral-vs-literacy tension

The thing that strikes me about the readings we did is that literacy is really tied to power.  Perhaps that perception comes because I am reading these arguments and articles, which are generated by people from literate cultures, and with arguably one of the more powerful languages on earth, in terms of influence and necessity… Continue reading Ong and Collins & Blot and the oral-vs-literacy tension